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We offer a system which promotes a safe and natural approach to weight loss. Loose up to 1 LB of fat per day with our safe and non-surgical method. No heavy exercise and no purchase of packaged food necessary. It is affordable, easy to follow and it works. This program is not a crash diet. You will loose a lot of weight but if you follow the program it will not come back on. This program is easy: no calorie counting, no weighing of food, no cravings or the feeling of being hungry. You will be eating real food and the program has food choices for everyone.

Our program is monitored by our trained doctors, nutritional specialist and team. We are all here to counsel you and provide support to help insure your success on the program.

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First time members will receive a gift certificate of $100.00 towards their initial program of weight loss. Limited time offer, the $100 amount will be subtracted from the cost of the program.

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How much weight can I expect to lose?

Everyone’s body and needs are different. Based upon our experience, most people lose 20-50 pounds over the course of the program (40-60 days) if they follow our guidelines.

Will I gain the weight back after I finish the diet?

This is the problem with most diets, you lose the weight eating “diet food” and then eat “regular food” and the weight goes right back on, plus more. On our program you eat specific regular food for the weight loss portion of the program. In the maintenance phase we add back all other healthy foods and teach your body to maintain your new weight for 21 days. This helps to create a new set point where your body feels comfortable and will not want to rebound back to your old unhealthy weight.

I have a busy schedule, will this program work for me?

We understand the demands of everyday life and that time is sometimes limited. To help with this we have selected a special line of protein powders and bars to supplement you on the go. They can be thrown in a bag, car or your desk and can stop you from make a bad food choice. We must stress that the success of this diet is based on eating real foods and we recommend that this is the majority of your diet. The food choices on this diet are simple and straightforward and can be found anywhere.

I have tried food programs before but I just don’t know if what I am doing is working, how will you know?

We are very interested in measurable results. To this end we utilize Tanita Body Composition Monitoring Equipment. The gold standard in medical grade body composition monitoring, the Tanita scale is very accurate and is able to give us information regarding weight, Body Fat %, Muscle Mass, Body Mass Index (BMI), water weight and visceral fat (belly fat). This will be measured every 10-15 days in the office to ensure your results.

I am always hungry, how will I be able to follow the program?

Most people feel very full on the program and are actually eating more than they were before. You will just be eating more healthy nutrient dense foods, 5-6 times per day. This is what your body needs and will use all of it, allowing it to then attack your fat stores. We also provide you with high quality nutritional supplements that will increase your metabolism, cut cravings and increase energy.

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