Scordilis Chiropractic, Chiropractors Clifton New Jersey, NJ

Scordilis Clifton Chiropractic is dedicated to providing complete care for the musculoskeletal system ranging from traumatic and sports injuries to health and wellness. Clifton NJ Chiropractors, Dr. George C Scordilis and Dr. Peter J Scordilis, have been providing superior and cutting edge care to the Clifton New Jersey and surrounding Community since 1978.

With the combined knowledge and experience of Dr. George C Scordilis and Dr. Peter J Scordilis, our office is able to provide personalized, state of the art care to a diverse group of patients for a wide range of conditions. Utilizing hands on Chiropractic treatment, the Impulse Adjusting Instrument, Graston Myofascial tools, AntalgicTrak non-surgical decompression, Kinesiotape and research proven rehabilitative strategies we will get you out of pain, healthy and performing at your best.

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Dr. George and Dr. Peter Scordilis